A poem I wrote for English class and also for my babe (:

The sea whispers sweet words to me,/ Says these words and sets me free/ and practically screams a melody!/ As it reflects a blue-ish-green/ like the horizons, of which you meet,/ I stared and stared and i thought i saw/ you sincerely smile at me/ as if Mona Lisa herself had sank in your very sea./ I don’t know why / But it holds my eyes/ it burns so bad that i start to cry/ not for pain and not for hurt/ but instead for the beauty you bring to earth/ These tears that fall are tears of joy/ from the happiness you bring me,/ the spark that keeps me trying./ You won’t let me drown,/ but instead you hold me up;/ Keep me afloat; you keep me balanced;/ For without you I’d sink, to the depths of your sea/ Unable to breathe,/ Whilst choking on your waters I’ll look up at the sun,/ the one that keeps you shining / like all the stars in the sky/ When the sun goes down and the moon comes up,/ You’ll still be shining like the brightest star/

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